Always here when you need someone to watch 'The Kids'! 

I am a pet and house sitter all wrapped into one loving, responsible package. Because I stay in your home while you are away, I offer your pet the comfort of remaining in his or her home. I offer you the confidence of knowing your home is lived-in, occupied and secure.

When you arrive home, you will find happy pets and a tidy home. I welcome the opportunity to care for both!

​​​Stephanie's Pet n' House Sitting

$60 per day - Live-In VALLEY WIDE. Will Stay at your house while you are gone, 24/7.

$40 per day - Overnight in North Phoenix, Glendale, & Peoria areas.

$25 per day - 1x a day for up to one hour in North Phoenix, Glendale, & Peoria areas.

I guarantee I will take care of your furry friends as if they were my own. Your pets will be safe and cared for in the comfort of their home.

My services include:

  • Take care of pets including dogs, cats, fish, hamsters, sea turtles, pot belly pigs, guinea pigs, birds, horses, and more.
  • Feed, walk, give water to, pick up messes, and play with.
  • Distribute medication to and provide care for special needs animals.
  • Water plants.
  • Check mail and bring in newspaper daily.
  • Sweeping/Vacuuming.​
  • Any other activities upon request.

Reasons people use pet sitters include: 

  • Possible reduced stress on pets because pets are cared for in their own homes.
  • No "travel trauma" to pets because they do not need to be transported anywhere.
  • Exposure to illnesses and parasites of other animals is minimized.
  • Required vaccinations are often less restrictive than those necessary at a kennel.
  • Pets stay on their regular routines and do not need to adapt to a new environment.
  • Not having to deal with neighbors, friends or family members feeling that they are inconvenienced.
  • Your pet will get consistent and personalized care from one person who knows your pet well.
  • Your pet will be home, waiting at the door to greet you when you come home!

Let me be your pet sitter. I love animals, and I will care for your pet(s) as if they were my own family!

Allowing your precious pet(s) to stay in the comfort of their own home while you're away will reduce the stress they may feel if they were at a kennel.

• I am insured & bonded.
• I am 
certified in pet care CPR & first aid, as well as health & nutrition.

• They will be able to go outside and play whenever they want.
• They will get 
24/7 attention with me always there.
• They can sleep in 
their own comfortable bed.
• I can take them on 
longer walks if they prefer.
• They will get fed on 
their schedule.
• I will pick up after them 
every day or multiple times a day.
• I’ll give meds to pets 
without any extra fees.
• Your pets will 
not be exposed to strangers or other unknown animals.
• You will 
always be able to call or text me to check on your furry friends. I will respond immediately.
• I send
daily updates via text or Facebook.
• I will send you 
pictures of your pet(s) while you are away.
• I have no problems taking care of 
special needs animals.
• I will do other house hold tasks such as checking mail, bringing in newspaper, watering plants, etc. 
without extra fees.
• I offer an affordable price for the entire day, regardless of how many pets you have.​